My Scholarship Profile
My Scholarship Profile is a place on Wolverine Access where you can submit information about yourself to be used in identifying your eligibility for certain university scholarships. While the University of Michigan already has lots of academic, biographical, demographical, and financial information about new and current students, some donor-provided scholarships require additional information. My Scholarship Profile collects and stores the information you provide so that scholarship administrators across campus have it available for their use. 
Both entering and continuing students can visit or update My Scholarship Profile at any time. Be sure to update it regularly, because additional scholarships using supplemental information will be added over time. For continuing students, we suggest that updates be made by March 1 when you reapply for financial aid.
Log in to Wolverine Access and select My Scholarship Profile in the Campus Finances section.
Completing your scholarship profile does not mean you qualify for the scholarships, but it ensures that you will be in the pool for consideration when the supplemental information is needed. The information you provide, combined with other information the university already maintains, rounds out your scholarship profile.


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