Scholarships & Grants

The U-M Office of Financial Aid administers federal, State of Michigan, and University of Michigan scholarship and grant programs for both entering and continuing U-M students. Most scholarships are awarded to entering students when they are admitted to the university and are based on financial need, academic performance, and/or other achievements, talents, or experiences. Most grants are awarded to those students whose families have the greatest financial need.

When you are admitted to the university, you will be considered automatically for most of the scholarships and grants administered by the Office of Financial Aid. You do not need to submit separate applications for them. However, you should complete a scholarship profile (see the My Scholarship Profile page) to ensure that you are considered for all of the university scholarships for which you are eligible. If you want to be considered for need-based as well as non-need-based university scholarships and grants, you should also file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and, for entering students, a CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE.

You might also be eligible for need-based and non-need-based scholarships from other sources, including your U-M school or college, private organizations, alumni clubs, and state programs. We encourage you to explore these sources and apply for any scholarships for which you are eligible. Many of these scholarships require you to submit a separate application. Begin your search for private scholarships while you are still in high school. For more information about how to find private scholarships, see our Private Scholarships page.

To learn more about the types of scholarships and grants that are available to U-M students, visit our Types of Scholarships and Types of Grants pages.

Special note: Once you receive your scholarship award, saying “thank you” is important. Make it easy: Click the button at left to complete your information online, upload a letter and share a photo with your donor.


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