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Wolverine Access is a quick, convenient way for current and prospective University of Michigan students to access their password-protected personal university information, including financial aid application documents, financial aid award notices, and student account statements. 

This page shows you how to access the system and your financial information as well as how to give your parent(s)/family access to your information. If you prefer to view/print information about Wolverine Access, click here for a PDF.

Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for accessing the Student Business pages of Wolverine Access. Click here for an information tip sheet, including information for clearing caches and printing pages. If you are using a non-Explorer browser and need technical assistance, please call U-M Information and Technology Services at 734-764-4357.

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To view your personal information (such as your admissions application status or your financial aid awards and other financial aid documents) on Wolverine Access, go to

Click on the "Students" tab at the top of the Home page and select New & Prospective Student Business.

On the authentication page, you will need a Friend Account (guest) ID or a U-M uniqname to log in to the site. To acquire a Friend Account ID, click on create one now on the authentication page. On the next page, click on Others and follow the directions to set up your Friend Account. You will need to know your University of Michigan ID (UMID), which was included with your admissions packet.

When you log in to Wolverine Access for the first time with your Friend Account ID, you will enter your UMID and birth date; then you will sign out and log in again. For more information about the Friend Account, see U-M's Information Technology website.


Go to > Students tab > Student Business. Enter your uniqname and UMICH password to access your personal information and records.


After you log in, you will arrive at your New & Prospective Student Center, where you can see the following financial information:
  • Financial Aid Document Status:
    See what documents you have submitted and what other documents are needed to complete your financial aid application for a given year.* 
  • Financial Aid Award Summary:
    View the financial aid awards you have received for the coming year.*
  • Financial Aid Award Notices:
    View and print your financial award notice (or estimated award notice).* You can also save a copy of the award notice file for emailing or printing.
  • Accept/Decline Financial Aid:
    Select this option to accept, decline, or reduce aid that you have received for a given year. 
  • Report Additional Aid Select this option to tell OFA of other awards (such as private scholarships) you have received that aren't listed on your award notice or to inform OFA that you are not enrolling for a given term.
  • Financial Planning Calculators:
    See an estimate of your university bill and/or find out how much alternative loan or PLUS Loan you are eligible to receive.* 
*Parents and others with Friend Accounts can also view this information (see Authorizing a Friend Account for Your Parent/Family below to find out how).
After logging in, select Student Center. Under Finances,
 Select Financial Aid > Aid Year to view the following Financial Aid Information
  • My FA Status: Identifies financial aid pages that may need your attention.
  • Documents/Review: Lets you know the status of your aid application documents.
  • Awards: If you have been awarded financial aid, links are available here to view/print your award notice and award summary, to accept, decline, and reduce your aid awards, and to report additional aid.
  • Loans: Tells your current loans and loan history, and explains how to electronically sign Master Promissory Notes and related Notes.
  • Work-Study: Allows you to track your Work-Study earnings
  • Report Non-Enrollment: Enables you to report electronically to the the Office of Financial Aid that you will not be enrolled.

 Select Account Inquiry to view the following information about your Student Account

  • Charges Due: Provides a summary by due date of the charges you owe and links to your individual invoices. Provides a link for making a payment against your account charges. See Student Financial Services for more information.
  • Account History: Provides a chronological history of activity on your account. Includes the balance on your account. 
  • Account Activity: Displays charges and payments that have been posted to your account. 
  • Payments: Displays payments that have been posted to your account, including disbursed financial aid.
  • Pending Aid: Displays anticipated financial aid disbursements, if any are projected by the university.


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You can authorize a Friend Account (guest) ID for your parent(s)/family by using the Parent/Family Authorization feature of Wolverine Access. When you authorize a Friend Account for others, you are granting them access to your personal university information on Wolverine Access, including your financial aid award notice and other financial aid forms/documents. You can also authorize your parent/family to view your student account statement (or "eBill"). To authorize a Friend Accounts for your parents/family:

 Click on Parent/Family Authorization from within Wolverine Access.

 Type in your parent's email address and select the checkbox for My Financial Aid Data to authorize access to your financial aid information. Check My Student Account Data to also authorize access to your student account (billing) information.

 You may also select other options so your parents/others can receive financial aid news, housing news, etc.

 You may type in up to four email addresses to receive information and/or authorize access (click on the Add button to add more addresses).

 Click Save.

Within 24 hours after you authorize access for others, they will receive an email notifying them how to set up a Friend Account. For more information on the Friend Account, see the M-Parent website and the U-M Information Technology website. Authorized Friend Account holders can view your information on Wolverine Access by selecting "My Student's Information" (under "Parents & Family").



You can use Wolverine Access to change the addresses and phone numbers you have on file with the university. From the Personal Information section of Wolverine Access select the following choices:

  • Addresses
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses

Remember that email is the primary way that the Office of Financial Aid will communicate with you. For current U-M students, we send email only to umich email addresses, so you should manage your email box so that important messages from our office will not be bounced or rejected.


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