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2015 Spring/Summer Request for Funds Form
University of Michigan logoBy completing this Spring/Summer Request for Funds Form (RFF), you are applying for federal aid, university grants, Work-Study and federal Direct Loans. Answer the questions below and hit the "submit" button at the end. The Office of Financial Aid may ask for additional documents.

This form is for continuing U-M students only. File this form only once; multiple filings may delay the processing of your Spring/Summer aid.
DEADLINES: To be considered for all need-based aid, complete and submit all forms by the priority filing deadline of March 27, 2015 and register at least half-time for classes. If you have not already submitted a 2014-15 FAFSA, do so immediately at

Although you may apply for aid after this deadline, aid may not be available or will be limited. Applications for financial aid will not be considered after these dates:

  • Spring Term: June 5, 2015  Summer Term or combined 16-week Spring/Summer Term: July 31, 2015

You will receive an email message in your umich email account when your Spring/Summer Award Notice is available to view/print on Wolverine Access (

(8 digits--if you do not know your UMID,
you can find it on your Account Statement)

I understand that my initial financial aid award will be based on full-time enrollment for Spring and Summer terms. If I enroll less than full-time, my aid will be reduced after the drop/add period to reflect my current enrollment. OFA will monitor my enrollment level throughout the award period. Changes to my enrollment may result in reduction or cancellation of my initial aid award, even after funds have been disbursed, and I may be responsible for repaying funds disbursed to me. See chart below.

Credit requirements for financial aid

* Your aid will be awarded based on full-time enrollment and will be adjusted after the drop/add period to reflect your part-time status. You must enroll at least half-time for both terms to be considered for aid for both terms. If you enroll for Summer only, you will be notified of your award at the end of May.

3. Indicate your UM Career (School/College) and degree:

6. Check below if you will enroll in a UM-sponsored summer camp program for Spring/Summer (check appropriate program, if applicable):

Additional Resources: Any additional resources available to you during Spring and Summer terms must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid. These could include GI/VA benefits, scholarships, fellowships or grants. To do this, contact our office or use the self-reporting function on Wolverine Access ( and click on the "view reported additional aid" tab under Student Business.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are NOT redirected to a completion page after clicking "submit," YOU HAVE NOT FINSHED THIS FORM. Scroll up to complete required fields denoted in red type.

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